Friday, November 13, 2009

Thai Express

Finish! everything was finish on 11th november because my final exam for this sem finally finish and i dun wan to think those rubbish exam and my rubbish result!
as what we planned be4, we decided go to PAVILLION after our last paper and we did it! even though it take us many time with the public transport. and finally we reach there around 2sth..
The first thing we did was found the restaurant to have our lunch....
and we are moving fast with our first was Thai Express.!!!

First of all, when we step in, all the workers are looking at us...
Firstly, we thought because of we are too leng lui..hahaha...
but it really weird..they are keeo looking at us when we had our lunch..hahaha..but sincerely they are nice and they all guy except 1 girl...i think they wan take our hp number..ahaha..
but we are wearing those "LOW" class cloth..haha...because we dun hav any nice cloth in our uni hostel..
then, we make the really nice what have shown on the menu and i make order for the thai look like this..
taste not same with our chendul but still nice.. the taste just like got coconut sugar inside..

then with my food..

and my derly friend~~

That our journey in PAVILLION and we 2 just like kampung " diu ga"haha...but we quite funny!!

when the way back to uni, it really sucks and bad luck!!
Firstly, we miss out the first train because it too many ppl and we failed to go in. Then, we wait again for the second train and luckily it come after not long time but it just move to kajang only!!! then we move to other platform and come again a train but this train is not for us..then the customer been kick out again! after waiting for a while, coming another train. we get in and the half way the train was no electricity!!
aiyo...luckily it still moving la..finally finally and finally..we reach the ktm station..and it ady turning out to night. we waiting my friend's parents come and fetch us and we saw the car hampir hampir kena 1 motor..really hampir!! luckily there is no hurt and no accident!!!
So, there is a long journey..haha... wish me finish exam and start my holiday!!
Sabah! I'm coming~~~

Monday, September 28, 2009

a week of holiday...

Before raya holiday...
wednesday- watched movie with my cute and dear friend..thx for pei sin for the free tic because get win in the PT event..
in mid valley..
then,GT birthday!happy birthday girl!


then leisuremall movie again...
having gather with my dearly frend again..(waiting for the photo)haha..

then shopping and dye my hair..
can c the colour? too bright..haha..

finally 1 day trip to melaka +seremban..awesome...
to celebrate for FIONA birthday!!but so sorry we have no buy the cake..==
happy birthday girl!!wish u all dreams come true.. ^^

the famous 1 in seremban..

we here for seremban!
then,we confirm on..MELAKA!
on the way...
and finally we reach..luckily no traffic jam..
and finally..we are here for melaka!!!

the ship!
and lastly..we have our yamcha at seremban again!!
tarot cafe!
then we end our trip!!and when we on the way back to sch..that was a serious traffic jam because of the accident and i think that somebody dead in the must be careful when driving ..
not too what i have done..
along the way..i have keep saying saying and saying 'dun too fast'because i'm so kia si..i love my self!
So, finish the 1 week holiday and have to keep ourselves into the mood to study again...
just left 3 weeks study..ganbateh everybody and finish our final exam then we have to flight again..and next trip is waiting for us..haha...

special mentioned: i love this kung fu pic..i think i'm really got 'tian fen' in this!wakakaka..

Friday, August 28, 2009


搞笑的是,学校大家都在说,刘德华来bukit jalil了,有的还说“他来我家后面啦”。
相对的,喻XX 令我 恶心至极。(想打粗口,儿童不宜,想看的请highlight---> 屌!!!
分手就是分手了,不要GOGODI!!! <---(hokkien) 不要把什么生病啊,身体不好都是因为分手后的关系,人不好好照顾自己就是自己的错。 你不是受害者,不用摆出这样的款,看了只令人反胃。 最近还说什么可能以前就被天王劈腿了,连母亲也出来说,分手都是天王的错。 酸酸的祝福?!根本不需要你的祝福,反正你在天王的人生里不是什么重要的角色。# 之前已经利用天王出了一本书,写什么关于你和刘天王的情史,看到这里我就知道你真是个无耻的女人。 你的这种做法和那些在交往时,拍了女生裸照,分手后去派通街的男人有什么分别? 人家刘天王在这件事上从来没表态。 我想,以刘天王今时今日的地位,要让你吃屎都有可能,怎么还默默地让你随地大小便=撒野! 一句让我更加火大的是,“那些综艺节目不上也罢,因为都是在吵绯闻。”
同样的,没有惊讶,只等着来临的那天。 送上深深的祝福。

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


That is your convo!!!
For my dearest Ex-roommate~haha...
We are planning to buy the present for u since we know your convocation day....
and luckily we make it.
And i LIKE the both present so much........

the necessary when convo...
it cheap and nice and cute!!!

the second thing, your birthday present!!
I really appreaciate what i have received from you all for my birthday present.And i am so touch of it.So, that a kind small thing i can buy for you.
BUT, i really love this gown and i think it is very suit to you!!!(must wear and take photo let me c)

(actually i'm looking for the more sexier gown-sth like V open till the stomach but it seems the sales girl cannot hit my target)
Hope you will like it~~~~

And we went for your convo...really happy for you and once again..congratulation!!

P/S: Orange colour jubah not bad~~i juz know mayb ours is blue colour... (-_-")
And we 2 'gao gao zhen'

Saturday, August 15, 2009

bAd LuCk 2009 year!!!!

i think all of us will totally agree with this!!!
what a bad 2009?! even we are not 犯太岁,why there are so such many things to happen?
and all of this is happen among our friend.
And there are 1 more serious than others!
And now I list down what actually have happend so you can find out what the bad luck is!!

1.Masuk balai polis!! (Details)

2. Squido accident and masuk hopital!! (Details)

3.Wai loon robbed and masuk hospital!! (outside his college and injured also!)

4.See hoe robbed and masuk hospital!! (Details)

5. yee foong accident too!! (Details)

6. jivita grandpa just pass away (get the news juz now/today from elsie)

7.Elsie's home masuk pencuri (lost a laptop and just now she told me the thief try to be enter again!!hampir berjaya,luckily her mum awake.)

In this moment, what i get the latest news just as bottom.
but i'm really hope the bad luck will stop here!!!
and i no need more to update anbout this!
it enough!!stop bad luck for us!!
stay away from us!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Majlis makan malam...

As a ketua blok. we have been invited to attend this majlis...
even i oso duno me still is or not...(long story) but we still attend it because we going to tipu makan.. and there is still many food left..wasted...
yummy~~Cheese........haha... (8V ketua blok)

sate all finish~~

after eat~
office staff~

and Lastly...

our new friends~

Saturday, July 18, 2009

MR Subash in LRT~(-_-")

There is a shock for today when i take LRT in Bdr tasik slt...i was so sleepy and i didn't noticed about this..but when i saw really surprising me!!!!! ..can you guess what i saw?

sorry uncle...i take your picture together..... i pun takut...

cannot see that clearly...


see that? it really shock me...haha..
my friend,our biology teacher now really become the actor,pengarah dan teacher...
and it open another cawangan in other place..forgot where liao...
and i saw this poster really geng~~~~
mayb some of you will remember him well...haha...
just for 8gua...hahaha....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


last weekend asked to be a part time promoter with my cousin in peel road carefour...
as long as i'm free(actually gonna start sch) just go ahead... because can earn more money...
what i sale? actually sth beauty voucher... it really cheap and good... thinks so..(-_-')
but sth we cannot tahan is the "supervisor"..actually she not supervisor but just a officer from the beauty centre..and hav worked for a month only...but she acting bad habbit...
haiz...we will do our best if she encourage us well...but why always curi curi tengok...meke us oso no mood to work..watever la...
luckily we met some good ppl..tat is the credit card salers..haha..they all very friendly and funny..but they are hard sale also... really admire when they are doing their job...i think i hav to be train for more than 10 years onli will be like they all... thank you very much because some of the sales girl there also help us bought the product..and tat y we can hit our target more easily..
and i have learn sth from this sales job..that the important thing that we have to sucesfull in this job is to be 不要脸!!really...if not..u hav no really pity and tension when the boss asking you "no sales?" "还没开单" omg..!!!
i get it..and experienced it... and i bought myself also...haiz...hope good..
ok...get to the topic..
haha...this is my result..cute?haha...
1st time doing this kind of entertainment...actually what colour of the hello kitty...
gaga..u can c it black black and many colour on the face...omg...haha..this is free because we met a good bangladesh abang working there and let us hav a try..he is a profesional...but me...hhahaha...just laughing after saw this...
the body prettier rite?because not me doing that..
who doing?hehe..
good job!!abang!!thanks for doing the pretty...

and now i promote here...anybody interested on this..just go to peel road carefour...he is a nice guy and funny guy...haha...
this is the place..

and the handsome abang!!!

P/S: anybody noticed that why the hello kitty's head is green colour...?what that?!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009




Friday, March 20, 2009

Explorer race UKM...(KVC)

First of all, wanna tell that i'm everyday not enough sleep and the reason can't tell you here..juz my friend will know that.............tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wanna become big panda la..
ok...come back to the topic..
yes,u not wrong seeing..explorer race(spelling betul kah?).sth like amazing race..we run whole ukm and we wanna die for it...
i thought tat is just around the KUO.why is it around whole ukm and i'm wearing selipar...
die lo,da lou...pain ah...
oh, 1 more thing...we dance senamrobik be4 we start this game.. too short for me la..
we got 7 station to run..and we complete it..and you guess what place we won it? are right!!!we are the 1st!!!u memang pandai if u can guess it out...kiss 1 more here..
we are running and running and what the game we play when in the station...that is (..........)know?i lazy to stand it out... just sth stupid...and wanna sound out here...the station we drink kicap+telur...
abang,u memang great!!!we recognize you o!!!becareful!!haha.........
and one more thing wanna state out here... we drive when we going to the last part... bc really tired...hehe..but nobody know...
ok...tat all...lazy to type all...
just wanna praise our group ...a very best group and y dun the race like reality show leh..haha..
lastly..c our best group member...
Before end of this... see the t-shirt we get...aiyo..expensive..
this is the front and just hav a look at back...
and the last night..with the A&W...

ok...that all... this is the longtest post i have post be4..haha..........

Oh.1 more thing... the 1st prize we said just now is count form LAST!!!
but don't know why we get No.5?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ada rahsia...

Thursday, February 19, 2009


GReeeeN是个4人组合,成员分别是HIDE、navi、92、SOH,全是郡山县人士。四人在东北部一所医疗大学的牙医学部学习,一直以 成为牙医作为目标而每天努力着。因此”贝齿”就成了他们的象征,而团名GReeeeN的四个e则代表四个团员。这个组合并不是很出名,所以基本上没有什么 图片。但是这并不意谓着歌曲就不好听?相反,听GReeeeN的歌,有一种超乎寻常的爆发力。专辑的封面是多是以大自然为本色的!最喜欢的是『道』和『爱 唄』让我想起了兵崎步的一首歌,这也是最有名的啦!
『キセキ』是春季日剧『ROOKIES』(菜鸟总动员)的主题曲。 这也是GReeeeN第一次跟连续剧合作。改编自同名漫画的日剧『ROOKIES』由市原隼人主演, 是一出很热血的运动型日剧,跟连续剧里面的主角们一样,用很纯粹率直的想像唱的情歌,歌名『キセキ』不谨歌颂著在这广大的地求跟所爱的人相遇的『奇迹』, 同时也有著两个人手牵手一起持续走下去的爱的『轨迹』的意思。
『BE FREE』作为1月公映的电影『消极的快乐』(Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge)的主题曲。市原隼人和関めぐみ共同演出的这个电影从12月末开始便重磅投下!那个时候GReeeeN的这个曲子就被选用了。『涙空』是2008 年毕业式主题歌的优胜候补者歌曲!作为当代版「赠送的言词」,是大家不知道的1首歌曲。『眼泪的空』,比起『BE FREE』来说更清爽、活力。符合GReeeeN的轻快的曲风。
『愛唄』(爱歌),该曲刚入ORICON榜就排在了第7位。目前手机用户下载的歌曲排行榜中,『愛唄』也排名第一!直抒胸臆的歌词带着温馨的旋 律,4人在歌中唱出了对喜欢的人的那种简单而纯真的爱意。“EN~给最爱的你,不要笑,请听我说。我爱你之类的话虽然很老套,但除此之外没有能表达我心意 的言语,看吧,你又开始傻笑了…………泪水与欢乐交织的日子里,一直陪在你身边就是我生存的意义,现在对你唱出这首爱歌…………只要还有声音,我就会在你 身边为你唱这首爱歌。上了年纪,声音变得嘶哑,我还是会一直握着你的手…………”
对着喜欢的人,害羞的你不如给他听听这首爱歌,不明白歌词也 没有关系,温暖馨柔的旋律足以让他明白你的真挚!因为年轻,面对未来我们都有困惑,不知道怎样做才是正解。对于不对的答案在未来,我们能够做好的就是现 在,朝着自己选择的道路勇敢迈进,时间会给你答案。我们都是自己故事的主角,不管怎样,请微笑的度过每一天,遇到喜欢的人也不要犹豫,大声的说出爱意,直 到老去的那一天也还是会握着他的手,对天发誓我是真的喜欢!这些不仅仅是GReeeeN通过音乐传达给我们的,也是他们对自己人生的选择!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


A very good wind and sun beauty night,we r so boring.

K had eaten 1 bowl of watermelon.

she said” so delicious!”

and V said “idiot! eat your lung la!”

and this is our feeling. good9.c u again.

copyright@ K&V (we r the 1st couple!)