Saturday, August 15, 2009

bAd LuCk 2009 year!!!!

i think all of us will totally agree with this!!!
what a bad 2009?! even we are not 犯太岁,why there are so such many things to happen?
and all of this is happen among our friend.
And there are 1 more serious than others!
And now I list down what actually have happend so you can find out what the bad luck is!!

1.Masuk balai polis!! (Details)

2. Squido accident and masuk hopital!! (Details)

3.Wai loon robbed and masuk hospital!! (outside his college and injured also!)

4.See hoe robbed and masuk hospital!! (Details)

5. yee foong accident too!! (Details)

6. jivita grandpa just pass away (get the news juz now/today from elsie)

7.Elsie's home masuk pencuri (lost a laptop and just now she told me the thief try to be enter again!!hampir berjaya,luckily her mum awake.)

In this moment, what i get the latest news just as bottom.
but i'm really hope the bad luck will stop here!!!
and i no need more to update anbout this!
it enough!!stop bad luck for us!!
stay away from us!!


FIk said...

yaya... bad luck pls stop following uS.... god, pls open a window for us.. so dark in front... PLs pls..
hopefully See hoe get well quickly

Squidö said...

WHAT THE.......
As there's a saying, gud thing will come by when bad things end