Tuesday, August 18, 2009


That is your convo!!!
For my dearest Ex-roommate~haha...
We are planning to buy the present for u since we know your convocation day....
and luckily we make it.
And i LIKE the both present so much........

the necessary when convo...
it cheap and nice and cute!!!

the second thing, your birthday present!!
I really appreaciate what i have received from you all for my birthday present.And i am so touch of it.So, that a kind small thing i can buy for you.
BUT, i really love this gown and i think it is very suit to you!!!(must wear and take photo let me c)

(actually i'm looking for the more sexier gown-sth like V open till the stomach but it seems the sales girl cannot hit my target)
Hope you will like it~~~~

And we went for your convo...really happy for you and once again..congratulation!!

P/S: Orange colour jubah not bad~~i juz know mayb ours is blue colour... (-_-")
And we 2 'gao gao zhen'

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