Friday, November 13, 2009

Thai Express

Finish! everything was finish on 11th november because my final exam for this sem finally finish and i dun wan to think those rubbish exam and my rubbish result!
as what we planned be4, we decided go to PAVILLION after our last paper and we did it! even though it take us many time with the public transport. and finally we reach there around 2sth..
The first thing we did was found the restaurant to have our lunch....
and we are moving fast with our first was Thai Express.!!!

First of all, when we step in, all the workers are looking at us...
Firstly, we thought because of we are too leng lui..hahaha...
but it really weird..they are keeo looking at us when we had our lunch..hahaha..but sincerely they are nice and they all guy except 1 girl...i think they wan take our hp number..ahaha..
but we are wearing those "LOW" class cloth..haha...because we dun hav any nice cloth in our uni hostel..
then, we make the really nice what have shown on the menu and i make order for the thai look like this..
taste not same with our chendul but still nice.. the taste just like got coconut sugar inside..

then with my food..

and my derly friend~~

That our journey in PAVILLION and we 2 just like kampung " diu ga"haha...but we quite funny!!

when the way back to uni, it really sucks and bad luck!!
Firstly, we miss out the first train because it too many ppl and we failed to go in. Then, we wait again for the second train and luckily it come after not long time but it just move to kajang only!!! then we move to other platform and come again a train but this train is not for us..then the customer been kick out again! after waiting for a while, coming another train. we get in and the half way the train was no electricity!!
aiyo...luckily it still moving la..finally finally and finally..we reach the ktm station..and it ady turning out to night. we waiting my friend's parents come and fetch us and we saw the car hampir hampir kena 1 motor..really hampir!! luckily there is no hurt and no accident!!!
So, there is a long journey..haha... wish me finish exam and start my holiday!!
Sabah! I'm coming~~~

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